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American Crew continues to lead the way in the men's grooming business. With a passionate commitment to men's grooming, our purpose is to bring men into salons, provide them with a great new experience and show them new ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives.

Hair Cut Dhs 60 قص الشعر
Haircut and Beard Shaving Dhs 90 حلاقة الشعر وقص اللحية
Blow dry Dhs 40 تجفيف الشعر
Hair cut and Style Dhs 70 قص شعر و تسريحة
Hair Color Dhs 100 صبغ الشعر
Root retouch up Dhs 80 صبغ الجذور
Highlights Dhs 200 تلوين الشعر
Highlights layers Dhs 250 هايلايت على بعض خصلات الشعر
Hair Perming Dhs 200 تجعيد الشعر
Hair Wash Dhs 20 غسيل الشعر
Brazilian Keratin Dhs 500 الكيراتين البرازيلي
Children's Haircut Dhs 30 قص الشعر للأطفال
Beard Shave Dhs 25 حلاقة اللحية
Beard Trim Dhs 35 قص اللحية
Beard Color Dhs 50 صبغ اللحية
Haircut and beard shaving Dhs 90 حلاقة الشعر وقص اللحية
Manicure Dhs 40 مانيكير
Pedicure Dhs 30 باديكير
Combo manicure & Pedicure Dhs 100 مانيكير وباديكير
Spa Manicure Dhs 70 سبا مانيكير
Spa Pedicure Dhs 80 سبا باديكير
Luxury Paraffin Dhs 50 البارافين الفاخر
Deep cleansing with Exfoliation Dhs 200 تنظيف عميق مع تقشير
Anti- Aging treatment Dhs 350 عناية ضد الشيخوخة
Whitening Treatment Dhs 350 تبييض الوجه
Rebalancing for oily Skin Treatment Dhs 300 إعادة توازن البشرة الدهنية
Guinot Home Facial Dhs 450 غينوت للعناية للوجه
Full face threading Dhs 50 إزالة الشعر بالخيط كامل الوجه
Eye brow Dhs 25 الحواجب
Face waxing Dhs 80 واكس للوجه
Shoulder Dhs 50 الكتفان
Underarms Dhs 50 تحت الإبطين
Chest and abdomen Dhs 100 الصدر والبطن
Arms Dhs 80 الذراعان
Full legs Dhs 150 كامل الساقين
Ears & Nose Dhs 20 الأذنان والأنف
Full body Dhs 450 كامل الجسم
Head Massage 30mn Dhs 50 مساج للرأس
Neck & shoulder massage 30mn Dhs 60 مساج للعنق والكتف 30 دق
Back massage 30mn Dhs 150 مساج للظهر   30دق
Swedish Relaxation Massage 60mn Dhs 250 مساج الاسترخاء السويدي 60 دق
Moroccan Bath Dhs 150 حمام مغربي
Callus Treatment Dhs 80 عناية ضد تشقق و جفاف القدمين
Hot oil Treatment Dhs 70 حمام زيت للشعر
VIP ROOM غرفة لكبار الشخصيات

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We are always looking for experienced stylists and barbers to join our team. We'll help you take your skills to the next level. Regardless of position we look for fashion-forward, energetic, charismatic and professional individuals who can contribute to our team.

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About us

Nazih Gents Salon started in Lebanon in 1975 and branched out in Dubai in 1980. The overwhelming reception and development of Nazih Gents Salon in Dubai prompted us to open more branches all over the region.

Now with over 30 years of excellent service, Nazih Gents Salon is considered as one of the best hair care and wellness provider within the region. Which is not surprising considering the fact that it is fully equipped with the latest and most modern barber chairs manned by well trained and skilled coiffeurs.

Visit us today and discover how our services are simply a cut above the rest.

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Al Rigga Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Shop# 08-B, Etihad Mall, Dubai Mirdiff.
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